CMA Final

From the last several years we had the chance to analyze and provide the best services to the students of CMA final to give them the proper solution for their preparation because of the results and achievements of the CMA students are low. Only 45% students pass the examination from both the sections. Enrolling in this test series will help you clear all the doubts you have in mind and practice the best possible questions sets in all over India with us. The features that we include in this test series are really helpful for all the students of CMA final.

We provide 3 different test series plans which includes unscheduled test series, two full syllabus test series and last one is two full syllabuses for final practice of the students. The detailed test series is the scheduled test series in which the test will be given to you at particular scheduled dates and you can follow the dates to get ranking of you with other students who have given the same test with you.

If you do not want to follow the schedule than you can go for the test series plan of the unscheduled test series which is the same as the detailed test plan because of the same test questions but the difference is just the schedule. The two full syllabus is the test for those aspirants who want to practice the whole full syllabus 100 marks test for final time. This is a scheduled test inn which the dates are scheduled to give you ranking among other students.

The CMA faculty will check the test and evaluate it properly to given you proper commenting on each answer you have attempted to give you an insight about your preparation and tell you in which parts you should improve and practice more. In this package you will get revisionary notes for you to revise before the test and 45 days planner to complete the most important syllabus in 45 days and almost 70%of the syllabus. You will get MCQ bank with this and doubt portal also to discuss the doubts with a CMA directly about the subject you have enrolled.


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The evaluation faculty has an experience of over 10 years in education sector of CA

The subject wise CA faculty makes the test series questions.

Yes you can talk to the expert faculty after the checking of your test is done.

From the last three consecutive time we have AIR students from CA final and inter, CS professional also.

Yes every latest amendment is included in the test as soon as it is officially declared.

Yes, as soon as the latest amendments and pattern is announced it is included in the test series as soon as possible.