CMA Intermediate Test Series

Every year only 45% students from both the sections of CMA pass the examination. The vast syllabus of this course is not easy for all the students as it seems. Our educational institute and the CMA have concluded a brilliant package of test series which the CMA students can get benefit of by purchasing it at the minimum price starting from 149rs. The package includes revisionary and summary notes for all the subjects and MCQ bank to make sure you don’t miss out anything from the syllabus before attempting the test and practicing the MCQ banks.

Test Series

There are 3 different plans for the students, unscheduled test series in which you will get 4 chapter-wise test and 1 full syllabus and in this test, you don’t have a schedule. If you want to have a schedule in this test than you can opt for Detailed test series, it consists of the same test and you can follow the schedule and attempt the test on that day to get ranking among other students. Full syllabus test series is another plan for aspirants who want to give only 100 marks test for final practice. In full syllabus plan you will get 2 full syllabus test and it will be a scheduled test, you can right this test at any time after the schedule date so don’t worry.

After you download the test, attempt it on the notebook and click clear pictures of it and upload it on the same place from where you downloaded the test. It will take around 2 days to check the test because the CMA’s will give proper commenting on each question to tell you where you lack and what you need to improve while having these comments you will also get topper’s sheet so that you can compare it with your sheet. Doubt portal will be given to you to directly contact the faculty who checked your test so you can ask any question related to the subjects you have purchased.

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Frequently asked questions

The evaluation faculty has an experience of over 10 years in education sector of CA

The subject wise CA faculty makes the test series questions.

Yes you can talk to the expert faculty after the checking of your test is done.

From the last three consecutive time we have AIR students from CA final and inter, CS professional also.

Yes every latest amendment is included in the test as soon as it is officially declared.

Yes, as soon as the latest amendments and pattern is announced it is included in the test series as soon as possible.