When making a decision as important as choosing the best option for our preparation of Company secretary we need to make sure that we choose the best option. For that a few things are needed to be considered first when purchasing a test series that are experienced faculty, latest pattern in test series, the institution is providing preparation feedback of your tests by checking it and giving proper commenting and guidance after the test is checked.


There are more than three plans at our portal to give each student the best plans possible in the most affordable packages so that every CS student can enroll for the test series and get the benefit of this test series clear their exams as best as possible.

Unscheduled test series and detailed test series are the most famous test plans at our portal; both the test series have same questions and includes 5-chapter wise test and 1 full syllabus. The only difference between them is the scheduled dates that detailed test series has to give the tests to a particular student on scheduled dates on which he or she needs to prepare for the test, unscheduled test series as the name suggests will be given to you at an instant when you purchase it so attempt the test whenever possible, and the results will be provided to you around 48 hours.

3rd plan is the full syllabus test series plan for those students who are opting for full syllabus test, now this plan will give the scholars two full syllabus test and it will be a scheduled test so that you can complete your studies with discipline and on time to get the ranking among other Company secretary students at our institution and see how much progress you have make or have to make in order to achieve greater score in the official exams of ICSI.


As of CA Final test series we have the most experienced faculty in the test series holding more than 10 years of experience in this study field and guidance field. We have been given great opportunities by the students to guide them every year and helping them in every way possible to help them gain their goals in the field of CS professional. The faculty that prepares the test also is the one that checks the student’s test and because of their whole experience they provide proper commenting that will help you analyze the problems in your answers of each question and how well is your presentation to get good markings in the official examination test.

Latest pattern

The faculty of CS professionals is also checking for the latest amendments or any pattern changes done by the official Institute of Company secretary of India. After every test series is completed, it goes through a review process to see that the latest pattern has been included properly without mistakes along with the amendments too.

Guidance and 45 days planner

Guidance is another service that we provide to fully support the student in their preparation until the examination to ensure they perform well in the actual tests and be confident in it. It can be done by chat support which is the fastest way and if you want to talk on call or video call just request it through doubt portal and get a response in about less than 24 hours.

45 days planner is provided exactly 45 days prior to the actual examination which will help you cover the most important topics and concept and at the end you will almost cover 70% syllabus within 45 days.

How to Prepare for Exams in a Week?

Everything You Need For Your Exam Preparation.

The evaluation faculty has an experience of over 10 years in education sector of CA

The subject wise CA faculty makes the test series questions.

Yes you can talk to the expert faculty after the checking of your test is done.

From the last three consecutive time we have AIR students from CA final and inter, CS professional also.

Yes every latest amendment is included in the test as soon as it is officially declared.

Yes, as soon as the latest amendments and pattern is announced it is included in the test series as soon as possible.